WW logo

Warroad, MN has a rich history. The Anishinaabe people gifted land to found the first school and alongside that requested that the Warrior name and logo be used for athletic competitions.

 Our current logo was designed by an Indigenous artist and is trademarked by our American Indian Parent Advisory Committee. The sale of every item using the Warroad Warrior logo generates money for programs benefitting Indigenous youth. 

In 2013-14, the National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media recognized and agreed to the use of the Warroad Warrior logo as respectful of the Indigenous culture and people of this region. A traditional pipe ceremony was held to rededicate the commitment to its ongoing use and the proud heritage it represents. 

Yet today there exists legislation that is attempting to forcibly remove the Warroad Warrior logo. We have been in contact with the legislative authors and have requested local control. As it stands, the bill would require unanimous consent from 11 Federally recognized Tribal Nations, many of which have no ties to our region or the specific past the Warroad Warrior is meant to honor. 

We are seeking letters of support from our community regarding the Warroad Warrior logo and what it means to you. 

Letters may be sent via email to shawn_yates@warroad.k12.mn.us or by mail: 

510 Cedar Ave | Warroad, MN | 56763 | Attn: Dr. Shawn Yates 

We appreciate your support as we fight to maintain this rich historical identity.