warroad public schools operating referendum 2022

After careful consideration, the Warroad School Board unanimously approved a motion to present District voters with a smaller operating levy referendum during the General Election on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. We will ask you, the voters, a single question to maximize the State Equalization Aid. The ask will be for $460,000, the burden on our homeowners and businesses to be only $250,000 and the remaining $210,000 coming from the State. There is NO IMPACT on our agriculture outside of homestead and one acre.

Ballot Question - Increase the School District's general education revenue by $460 per pupil, subject to an annual increase at the rate of inflation.

Thank you for giving serious consideration and mark your calendar for the upcoming November General Election.


Quick Info

Operating Referendum Information

Notice of Special Election


Ballot - Coming Soon!

Community Informational Meeting - Tuesday, September 27th @ 6p.m. - HS Theater

The Need for Operational Funds

Due to a failed referendum and continued limits in educational funding, Warroad Public Schools has had to make cuts. State funding for public schools has limited our ability to operate our schools without local taxpayer referendum support.

With a passing operating referendum, Warroad Public Schools can position ourselves to:

  • Offer smaller class sizes

  • Offer competitive compensation to retain and attract high-quality educators

  • Offer advanced and elective courses

  • Continue to provide co-curricular activities

  • Meet the operational needs of the District which include:

    • Staffing

    • Instructional Supplies

    • Classroom Supplies

    • Student Support Programs

    An operating levy will not be used to build new school buildings. This levy is not a bond. Bonds build buildings, and levies are for learning.

This happened with the unsuccessful passage of the 2021 Operating Levy Referendum

  • Larger class sizes

  • Reduction in electives for high school students

  • Staff reductions

  • Increased fees

  • Decreased enrollment options in Early Childhood classes

  • Decreased Phy Ed & Music opportunities for Elementary students

This will happened with an unsuccessful passage of the 2022 Operating Levy Referendum

  • Additional increases in class sizes

  • Additional staff reductions

  • Decreased support for students

  • Limitations for student activities and athletics

  • Additional reduction in electives for high school students

  • Increase in rental fees for use of school facilities

  • Decrease in College in the High School courses

Referendum Informational Meetings  

The District will host Community Informational Meetings for District residents.

  • Tuesday, September 27th @ 6 p.m. - HS Theater

  • October, TBD

Please keep checking back for updated information.


If you have any questions, please call the District Office at (218) 386-6066, or email shawn_yates@warroad.k12.mn.us.