ADSIS Program

ADSIS is an intervention program that is funded l through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). In the Elementary School, ADSIS services are available for 1st- 6th graders in math, 5th -6th in reading, and Kindergarten - 6th grade in behavioral support. In the High School, ADSIS support is also available for grades 7th-9th. This support is primarily focused on developing academic and behavioral skills. 

ADSIS serves students who are below grade-level standards in reading, math, and/or behavior. at ADSIS is a temporary intervention for students who meet specific criteria to help them get back to grade-level standards without having to consider special education as the first alternative. ADSIS works on specific reading, math, and/or behavioral skills that a student is missing and attempts to fill in gaps with interventions.

If you have any questions regarding ADSIS please call (218) 386-6085.