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Hello from Cooperative Life Skills in the Warroad School. The teachers for Cooperative Life Skills classes are:


Kathy Magnusson has a Masters of Education and taught in the public school system for ten years before being employed by Peacemaker Resources. This is her 4th year in the Warroad School District. 


New this year Kim Hruba will be assisting in the classrooms and with the STAR Team. She brings her experience of working with youth and children at the former Discovery Center in Duluth, teaching English for 4 years at a Berlitz School in Czech Republic, is currently the program director of the Warroad Girls Lead program and a volunteer in the school classrooms. 


Cooperative Life Skills is a class that is taught in K-6 grade classrooms. The classes are designed to develop children's social and emotional learning while teaching them skills to have positive, non-violent interactions with others. These classes are fun and engaging, and utilize cooperative games, activities, art, and literature. Each class is flexible to meet the needs of the teacher and the children in the classroom. Some of the class topics I will be teaching this year are:



Proactive responses to bullying

Self calming

Respectful listening


Problem solving


 A study by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) found that social and emotional learning programs produced the following gains for students:

  • 11 percentile-point gain in achievement test scores
  • 23 percent improvement in social and emotional skills
  • 9 percent improvement in attitudes about self, others, and school
  • 9 percent improvement in school and classroom behavior
  • 9 percent decrease in conduct problems, such as classroom misbehavior and aggression
  • 10 percent decrease in emotional distress, such as anxiety and depression


We are also the S.T.A.R (Students Teaching Attitudes of Respect) advisors. Check out the STAR Team page for more information.

We are employees of Peacemaker Resources and my position is funded by the Northwest Minnesota Foundation.