The Transportation Department is committed to providing transportation to all eligible students in a safe and efficient manner so that students arrive at school prepared and ready to learn.

Bus stops and routes are designed with consideration of safety, efficiency, cost and shortest overall ride times. Bus route information can be found on Infinite Campus. To make a bus stop change request please contact the Transportation Director at (218) 386-1153.


Who do I call for busing questions, concerns or changes?
For general information and bus routing, contact Warroad School District transportation services at 218-386-1153.

What if I need to have my student take a different bus?
Warroad Schools uses School Dismissal Manager.  Log in through the link HERE or on the left.  

Why can I only have one pickup and drop-off location?
Allowing multiple pickup and drop-off locations would require the district to reserve a seat on each bus, leaving seats vacant on the bus the student isn’t riding that day. Our goal is to make the most efficient use of the bus fleet. Also, we feel this is the safest and in the best interest of our students so they have consistency and know where to go each day.