Special Education

The Special Education Department operates throughout Warroad Public Schools. We provide educational and other support services to students with specific needs who qualify for one of two programs defined in the federal law:

1) Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (Special Education)

2) Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Special Education staff assess students in order to determine eligibility for a program and to identify specific, individual needs. Once the assessment is complete, and the student meets eligibility criteria, a program based on identified needs is designed and implemented.

Warroad Public Schools offers a wide-range of Special Education Programs and Services. Each student with a disability receives educational programs and support based on their individual needs. Programs and services are provided to students and their families beginning at birth through the age of 21 or completion of a secondary education program. Special education is also available for students attending homeschool.

Special Education teachers in the district provide direct and indirect services to students in the areas of academic, emotional/behavioral, social skills, functional skills, adaptive skills, vision, deaf/hard of hearing, speech/language therapy, and vocational work skills.

The district also offers related services based on individual student need in the areas of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Developmental Adaptive Physical Education.

Warroad Public Schools are committed to an inclusive model of instruction that focuses on building relationships and trust. Students receive services along a continuum ranging from full inclusion with the students in the general education classroom, to separate classes