Fall 2020 Music Lesson Procedures Warroad Community Education

MDH Guidelines


Designated Lesson Rooms 

1. Students do not come to lessons if they are sick

2. Students wash hands before coming

3. Piano students wear masks, unless they have underlying condition.

4. Students use hand sanitizer once they enter room

5. Teacher cleans piano keys between lessons

6. Doors should be open whenever possible

Usage of Choir, Band, or other larger classrooms when they are available

1. Vocal student lessons in a larger space to allow distancing

2. Students do not come to lessons if they are sick 

3. Students wash hands before coming

4. Students use hand sanitizer once they enter room 

5. Vocal student lessons in a larger space for more distance

6. Teacher cleans piano after use


Instructors have option to teach online classes from WHS, unless building is closed to staff. 

1. Online lessons may be an option for students who are sick.

2. Online lessons may be available for families who choose distance education.

3. Instructors have the option to deliver online lessons in event of community outbreak.

Music Lesson Policy


1. Community Ed Music Instructors:

Nancy Fisher Piano, Voice & Flute 218-469-3733

Cara Caravetta Violin, Cello 218-242-9109

Heather Hahn Piano, Guitar 218-242-1714

Trina Billingsley Piano, Voice, Flute, Theory 701-277-8011

2. Lesson Fees: Lessons are billed per trimester based on which day of the week the student has their lesson, corresponding to how many school days occur for each weekday in the trimester. The trimester fee remains the same even if the student does not attend the lesson. Teachers may be able to offer make-up lessons if they know about a conflict ahead of time. Note: It will not always be possible for students to make up a missed lesson. The fee reflects a $17.00 charge for each 30 minute time slot.

3. Billing and payments: Trimester fees will be posted on Infinite Campus, in the Message Center, under the Fees tab. Fees can be paid on-line or by cash, check, or credit card in the High School Office or the Elementary Office. Parents will be able to view and confirm their payments on Infinite Campus. Please see Michelle in the High School office if you have questions about how to use Infinite Campus.

4. Please notify the teacher when school activities such as concerts and field trips interfere with the scheduled lesson so that an alternate time can be arranged. There are no lessons on scheduled breaks or holidays, as reflected on the school calendar. Also, read lesson procedures document for Fall 2020.

5. If the student is at school, but forgets to come for the lesson, the teacher will try to find the student.

6. Purchase and reimbursement of lesson materials will be arranged through the teacher.

7. If you have questions about music lesson policy or billing procedure please see Mr. Chamernick.