The Indian Education Program of Warroad Schools is committed to working together with parents and families in order to meet the unique educational and cultural needs of the Indian Heritage.

The goals and activities are determined with assistance and guidance by the Parent Advisory Committee as well as a needs assessment conducted by the program. If you are interested in joining the Parent Advisory Committee and/or learning more about the Indian Education Program, please contact Lawrence Norwegian, Indian Education Coordinator, via email at lawrence_norwegian@warroad.k12.mn.us.

Indian Education Mission
  • To assist Native American students in attaining academic success
  • To provide Native American students with information about Indian culture and heritage
  • To promote cultural diversity by building bridges between community, staff, parents and students.
Local Indian Education Committee

The Local Indian Education Committee(LIEC) is made up of local community members, parents and staff to provide, advise and guidance for the Indian Education Department.

The LIEC meets monthly and are open to the community. Please join us! All meetings are held  in the District Conference Room.