Welcome to the Warroad High School Counseling & Career Page! The theme of this department for the year is "The Big Leap".

I've included a picture above of my daughter and family friend jumping off the dock at our favorite summer place. I love how kids will just throw themselves into things with sheer joy. While this isn't my first year in this position at Warroad High School, that's still what I intend to do: throw myself into this job with sheer joy. The truth is, I love working with teenagers, always have. What a fabulous time in life, to be be young and full of potential. Their enthusiasm is contagious. 

For you parents, having a high school student is, for many, a big leap, too. Soon they will be leaving the nest and you need to pack in as much guidance, love and support as you can in these next few years. I'm here to make sure you feel ready to let them go, confident that they will be successful in the path they have chosen after high school.  

To my students, high school is only the beginning, thankfully. The big leap occurs when you go to your first day of class, at a college of your choice, and the life you want to lead begins to unfold. I'm here to make sure you get there, wherever that place is. 

Stop in and see me. 

Mrs. Lindner, LICSW

Warroad High School