Girls Golf

*We are currently practicing at the golf course after school each night.

Golfers are encouraged to get out there and golf on the weekends.

The best exercise for golfers is golfing.
- Bobby Jones

Interested in golf?

Stop by Mr. Richards' room and ask about it.

We generally begin practicing in the classroom, then move behind the school and eventually move out to the golf course. Students may ride a school bus to the course.

First time golfers, do a little reading or watch some videos to get a little background on the rules and the basics of the game.

* Check out the beginners tab to the left for specific resources.

*There are  a million resources online. I have linked a few below.

Basics and lessons on topics

Beginners Info

* You tube instructional videos.

* Each player will receive an illustrated rule book that they should be familiar with.

* There is no substitute for practice and playing. If you want to improve, you need to play regularly.

*School lunch information for planning?- 6 girls will travel to each of the varsity meets this season and 4-6 girls will be going to each of the junior high meets.

Girls Golf Schedule

Tentative schedules will be distributed when they become available.

Due to the weather and water issues these dates will change and attempts at rescheduling occur.

*Not all players will go to all meets.

2018 Girls Golf Schedule Late Start

***Schedule is subject to change

Junior High Meets  (Grades 7-9)

Rescheduled--Tuesday, May 22nd  in Warroad at 1:00 at the course by 12:30 

High School Girls Golf Meets 

*Not all players will go to all of the golf meets; rosters will be determined throughout the season.

* If there is a conflict players need to let Coach Richards know.

Tuesday May 29th @UNC Sub-section Leave at 6am.

If advancing out of sub-section
June 4&5 at Bemidji for the section tournament

Warroad Estates Golf Course